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kurokocchis lurking


i wish i had friends i could just call up at like 2am and be like “lets chill or go for a walk” and they would do it

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stop being cute if you’re not gonna like me back


To be released June 20th, 2014. Contains 40~41Q, as well as the OVA 41.5Q.


Information can be found on the Anibasu website.

OVA 41.5Q “Let’s do it one more time”:

There is a ghost that haunts Teikou’s fourth gymnasium—-. Mildly fearing such a rumor, Aomine checks out the fourth gym after club activities and meets a boy practicing all alone. The boy’s name is Kuroko Tetsuya. He is a member of the basketball club like Aomine, but says that he is in the third string. Aomine empathizes with Kuroko, who works hard despite everything because he loves basketball, and decides to join him in his extra practice sessions. However, no matter how close they become, the difference in their talent does not become any smaller. Kuroko eventually tells him that he intends to quit the club. As Aomine tries to convince Kuroko to stay, it just so happens that Akashi turns up and he expresses an interest in Kuroko…

There will be three end cards, including a new one drawn for 41.5Q, and the NGs.

SPECIAL CD feat. Momoi Satsuki

Seishun Tip-off!! ~MVP Momoi ver. (Momoi Satsuki)

Audio drama:

Kise and Aomine have been called to accompany Momoi on her shopping trip. Momoi asks Kise for advice, but it seems like she has a very particular reason…?!
"You look cute! It really suits you, Momocchi!" "D-do you think so…? Wearing these clothes, I can… with Tetsu-kun…"
Cast: Momoi, Kuroko, Kise, Aomine

Teasers from the Anibasu twitter:

Kise: Momocchi. Because you’re with Aominecchi all the time, you’ve never been on a proper date, have you?
Aomine: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Momoi: Those weren’t dates with Aomine-kun!

Kise: I definitely think the pink one would suit Momocchi better.
Momoi: But I have a feeling that I’d like to try something red.
Kise: Then maybe try thinking about matching the blush too?

Momoi: What’s wrong, Tetsu-kun?
Kuroko: I’m sorry. I was just thinking that Momoi-san’s clothes were similar in color and feel to mine, so it’s like a “pair look”.
Momoi: Eh?

Aomine: Mmm~
Kise: Would you like to try this one as well?
Aomine: Yeah, I’ll take some. This one’s good too.
Kise: Hey, you can’t eat it all!
Aomine: Don’t be so stingy.
Kise: Give it back!

Kise: I have a lot of respect for Momocchi.
Aomine: Huh?
Kise: If there’s anything I could do to help, I’d want to give something back. Plus, don’t you think girls trying their best are cute?

Momoi: I could also treat him to a homemade meal at my house.
Aomine&Kise: Hold on!
Aomine: I’d feel bad for Tetsu.
Kise: Immediately inviting him to your house for homemade cooking is too much, too soon.

Kuroko: Satsuki. Your heart, like a spring breeze, always wraps warmly around me. You light up my life, like the soft sunlight filtering through the trees… Satsuki.

Aomine: Shit! I can’t read it because it’s tied up!
Kise: That magazine, it’s the one I’m in too! In a feature called “Ideal Boyfriend”…
Aomine: Huh? I have no interest in you!

Aomine: Your hands have completely stopped. Come on, give it here.
Momoi: Aomine-kun?
Aomine: You’ve hated spicy stuff since we were kids. Even if you leave it, Tetsu won’t be able to eat another portion.

yeah mom im ok i just dont want to be alive haha

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